Commission Service

Are you, for example, looking for an unused collar shirt from the '70s in size 41? A dark green linen suit? A hand made silk jacket with a huge paisley pattern? Only the imagination limits the dreams, but selections in high street store are limited.

Pukimo Raivio also offers a commission service with the following process:

1. the customer sends a message about the piece to be found

2. the company responds and asks for more details, such as the price limit, measurements, and so on

3. Pukimo Raivio will search its contacts if a suitable piece can be found - if not, no assignment will be made

4. if a piece or several are found, the customer agrees to the commission, and pays a service fee of 100 euros

5. the company sends photos, measurements, prices and product information of different clothes, of which the customer can choose one

6. the company buys the garment 

7. the service fee is deducted from the price of the garment if the customer buys it

8. if the customer does not want to keep the received garment, he can return it to Pukimo Raivio

9. regardless, the service fee remains with the company as compensation for the time and troubles - the rest of the amount is returned to the customer

Pukimo Raivio does not accept orders for particularly expensive clothes, as it is difficult to get rid of them at a profit.

* * *

Feedback from the first commission service customer:

"I yearned for a tweed jacket in my wardrobe and decided to try Pukimo Raivio's commission service. First, the basic wishes and budget were reviewed, and within a few days I received several viable options by email. It was good to choose a favourite among them.

The shopping service is an excellent solution for a man like me, who is, e.g., for reasons of cost and responsibility, interested in buying quality clothes second-hand, but has limited time and know-how for searching for suitable clothes among the many markets. The level of service was first-class and I have taken to the commission service again."

- T.L., Espoo