What is Pukimo Raivio?

Contact information:
Pukimo Raivio
Postal address Alhokuja 3
01390 Vantaa

Company number 2201883-4

Pukimo Raivio is the first Finnish online store that specialises in used, classic men's clothing. The company's goal is to democratise classic style. Very high-quality suits, collar shirts, and footwear are pricy, but second-hand they are available to more men. Pukimo saves the customer time and effort, because he has no need to wander in clearance sales, outlet stores or to wake up at five in the morning for a sale in a foreign web store. The company is the first for Ville Raivio, who founded the Keikari-media, and wrote the Klassikko non-fiction book.

Pukimo Raivio's wares are critically selected. The products are classic, used, of high quality, and sustainably made. The main focus is on European manufacturers, as EU regulations guarantee better conditions for textile workers. If the maker sources in China, it's best to have external supervision, like Suitsupply does through Fair Wear Foundation. The materials in our wares are almost entirely natural fibers, as synthetic fibers leak microplastics and do not feel or look pleasant.

The online store has a full list of measurements and instructions for measuring. You can also request additional information about the products, as service is what sets Pukimo Raivio apart from the others.