What customers have said about Pukimo Raivio:

"Day by day I come across examples of how knowledge and skills, already thought lost, are brought to the fore. Music recordings that support artists; architecture whose value has been proven by time; and the classic style that is made for people. Converning the last of these, I've been overwhelmingly most influenced by Ville Raivio's writings and examples.

His thinking can be explored through his sold-out book "Klassikko" (2015) and on the pages of keikari.com. 'Fashions change, but the classics stand the test of time. Through the combination of practicality, quality, and beauty clothes and accessories have been born which retain their popularity from time to time (...) Through buying less but of higher quality, one can ensure the cornerstones of style in the wardrobe.' Now we all have a real opportunity to put this thinking into practice.

Ville Raivio has founded his own shop in 2023, which sells used classics at an excellent price. What's more, Pukimo Raivio also has a shopping service and clothing advice. So if you're going out in the world, looking for the first cornerstones of your wardrobe, or otherwise just interested, I encourage you to get in touch with Mr. Raivio!"

- P.K.

"My new dark blue suit made me want to get matching black oxford dress shoes. I wanted to buy a pair used, without adding to the world's mountain of waste problem, and through this keep my state of mind satisfactory. However, I couldn't immediately say how to solve the equation. Of course I knew: Pukimo Raivio knows it!

From the beginning, the service was of high-quality, personal. After a short negotiation, I was introduced to a Santoni pair, which I fell for. I ordered them, and all ended well - the shoes felt good and looked beautiful, creating an elegant feeling. I got the feeling that Pukimo wants to exceed the expectations of even the most demanding customers, and ensure that quality clothing reaches a safe home. I warmly and unreservedly recommend the purchasing service."

- J.K.

"Pukimo Raivio has served me perfectly. So far, I have bought a suit for continuous work use, two jackets, and a collar shirt. Returns I've also tried and it worked smoothly as well."

- T.L.

"When I was younger, an interest in style and well-made clothes sprang up. Ten years ago, the supply in Helsinki was poorer and there was little information. Ville Raivio's blog and, later, the book made an impression. At the time, on Keikari's forum, there was a buzz about where to get those good clothes. Used clothes circulated well on the forum and some pairs of clothes I had to buy directly from Ville too, when I had the urge to try new things at a reasonable price.

You feel like buying good and exciting clothes second-hand as well. Some clothes are so special to me that I want them new, but buying and selling low-quality clothes should be a crime. The most important thing has been to find interesting and durable clothes, be they new or used. The last time I bought a piece of clothing from Raivio, which I would hardly have bought new because of the astronomical price, but I would have lived a poorer and more miserable life if I had missed out on the fun."

- J.L.

"Based on the sustainability thinking of our time, Pukimo Raivio operates in accordance with the principles of the circular economy in an exemplary way. The service, specialising in classic and only genuinely high-quality men's clothing, is second to none.

After using the service numerous times, I have learned to trust the solid expertise and uncompromisingly shapely operation. The service includes only the best clothing solutions suitable for each need and etiquette."
- RP