On Pricing

The prices of Pukimo Raivio are based on the retail price, rarity, and condition of the garment. The company has no street store, employees, warehouse or other running expenses, so the prices stay under control. That is precisely one of the goals: more men cannot dress better or with more style if the price of quality is unattainable. The web store prices do not include VAT as marginal taxation can be applied to used clothes in Finland. 

An example: the average price of a jacket in Brioni's online store is 3600 euros. When a similar jacket is on  Pukimo Raivio, a  high price would drive away the customer, and a miserly low price would force the entrepreneur to live on oatmeal. If the jacket shows no wear and, based on the label, it was made during the last few years, one could list it for sale for 1800 euros. However, this is a lot of money for a used garment, so a better price is less than a thousand euros. The purpose is to find a new owner for the high-quality garment, and not to hoard it as a wardrobe decoration.

From time to time, the selection also includes so-called vintage clothes. By definition, they are at least 25 years old. Often, old makers have stopped operating, so similar similar clothes can't be bought new. In this case, the rarity of the piece increases the price. The older, the better the condition and rarer the garment, the higher the price.