Services Included

The customer doesn't really pay Pukimo Raivio for the clothes, but for the service:

  • Pukimo Raivio searches for high-quality, interesting or rare clothes in good condition on behalf of the customer
  • Pukimo Raivio inspects the clothes critically
  • Pukimo Raivio washes collared shirts, presses knitwear, cleans jackets, coats, and suit jackets with a steam cleaner, presses straight trous and removes small stains before listing
  • Pukimo Raivio photographs, measures, and writes accurate texts
  • Pukimo Raivio answers questions and sends additional photos or measurements if needed
  • Pukimo Raivio packs orders and is responsible for the customer's comfort during the transaction
Pukimo Raivio guarantees the service with over 16 years of experience.