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Thomas Pink

Thomas Pink, grey collar shirt, size 41, vintage

Thomas Pink, grey collar shirt, size 41, vintage

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Thomas Pink is a prestigious company known for its classic collared shirts for men.

Here's a rare color for the new owner: a gray shirt.

The shirt is Pink's older, higher quality production, made in Ireland. Their production is currently outside Europe.

Collar size 41, regular sizing, French cuffs, non-glued construction, cuffs can be attached to 2 different lengths, straight collar.

The fabric is 100% cotton, thin and comfortable.

In excellent condition throughout.

When new, Pink shirts cost about 205 euros after postage, VAT, and customs:

Exact measures:
  • shoulder seam to shoulder 48.5 cm
  • from shoulder seam to cuff 64 cm
  • from armpit to armpit 60 cm
  • from neck to hem 87 cm
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